Cease & Desist Letters

Elizabeth Power Robison served as Vice President for Advancement and Strategic Initiatives at Whittier College from 2007-2015. She lives in Whittier near the campus and has remained an active member of the Poet community for fifteen years. With deep ties to current and former faculty, staff, and alumni, Robison holds a unique vantage point to witness and experience the turmoil occuring on the campus. Robison has agreed to share her attorneys’ correspondence related to the Cease and Desist letters sent to her by Whittier College. As noted in the Los Angeles Times article (March 30, 2023), she refuses to be threatened or intimidated by Whittier College and is a strong supporter of the Alumni & Friends effort to ‘Save Whittier College’.

By Ken White on The Popehat Report (Published April 3, 2023). Mr. White is a criminal defense attorney and civil litigator in Los Angeles. He writes about criminal justice and free speech issues.

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