Letters to SCPR 2023 Gala Organizers and Supporters RE: ‘Guardians of Democracy’ Award honoring Miguel Santana

2nd Generation Poet

David Carnevale ’97

Southern California Public Radio Gala honoring Guardians of Democracy: 
January 6th Committee represented by Congressman Adam Schiff
Kristin McGuire, Executive Director of Young Invincibles
Miguel Santana, President & CEO of the Weingart Foundation

Saturday, April 22, 2023
Paramount Studios’ New York Streets Backlot

Miguel Santana, President & CEO, Weingart Foundation

Throughout his career, Miguel Santana has fought tirelessly for a more equitable and inclusive Los Angeles. He has been a champion for the underserved. As the City of Los Angeles’ Administrative Officer, he oversaw the city’s $9 billion budget and designed the city’s first comprehensive homeless strategy. In 2021 Santana was appointed President & CEO of the Weingart Foundation, a private grant-making foundation advancing racial, social, and economic justice. In his role at Weingart and as Chair of the Committee for Greater LA, Santana is leading a coordinated effort to help the most marginalized communities recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. He also has championed SCPR’s civics coverage and funded the expansion of the Voter Game Plan to provide easily accessible, comprehensive information about the elections in multiple languages so that LAist journalists can hold the powerful to account and provide Southern Californians with the news and information they need to participate in civic life.

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