Joe P. Moore, Jr. ’73 Responds to ‘Embracing New Possibilities’

Date: Tue, Feb 7, 2023 at 3:26 PM
Subject: Re: Whittier College: Embracing New Possibilities
To: Whittier College President Linda Oubré <>

Dear President Oubré,

Your request for mutual respect rings hollow with your prior behavior. If you want respect you have to show respect. I have spoken to staff, faculty, Trustees, former Trustees and alumni. Their perception is consistent that you do not show respect, avoid transparency, throw out inaccurate information that is not supported by facts and fail to provide financial support for your comments or your decisions. You continue to use race as the reason for people who do not agree with you and expect people to accept your comments without question.

Why would the law enforcement world believe that a live State of the Union presentation would be unsafe?

In my opinion, based on the facts presented to me, you do not have the skills or tools to solve the problems facing Whittier College. You have driven out qualified Trustees and senior management because they disagreed with your decisions. It never occurred to you that they might bring important history to assist in important decisions. 

If you cared for Whittier College, you would involve the college community who could contribute to the solution instead of threatening them with false accusations of racial and gender prejudice as your shield to avoid accepting contrary views.

Getting rid of real estate and cancelling small cost programs will not solve the economic issues facing Whittier College. You have had four years and accomplished nothing but creating disharmony and mistrust. Time to resign and let someone else solve these problems. You are not the right person for the job. Just my opinion.

Respectfully submitted,

Joe P Moore Jr ‘73

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