Joe P. Moore, Jr. ’73 Letter to the Editor of WDN


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date:Feb 16, 2023, 10:28 AM
subject:Letter to the Editor regarding Save Whittier College

To those listed,

Attached is a response to the accusation that the organization Save Whittier College has made threats to Whittier College personnel, President Oubre and Board of trustees.

I would appreciate it if this letter was published in the Letters to the Editor section.

Thank you.

I can be reached by email or phone [REDACTED]

Kindest Personal Regards,

Joe P Moore Jr


to:whittier daily news
from:joe p moore jr
subject:whittier college
date:february 16, 2023
CC:whittieR police department – Chief Aviv Bar

Dear Editor,

The purpose of this letter is to correct the misperception that Save Whittier College is an organization that has threatened anyone attached to Whittier College or its community.

The purpose of Save Whittier College is just that, an effort by alumni and concerned individuals to save an institution of higher learning that is being mismanaged by the current administration and the trustees.

Chairman Santana has falsely accused this organization of making threats of bodily harm and reported these unsubstantiated threats to anyone who will listen, including the Whittier Police Department.

As an active member of Save Whittier College, I have written three letters to the board and President Oubre. I have outlined their mismanagement and recommended that they resign.

Several other members of this organization have written letters and commented, with statistical proof, of the poor fiscal management of the college and shared their concerns about the future of the college.

If Chairman Santana and President Oubré have proof of threats of bodily harm, let them publish that proof. I will be reaching out to the Police Chief, Aviv Bar, asking for confirmation of verbal or written threats from anyone claiming to be part of Save Whittier College.

If no proof is forthcoming, I will inquire about defamation of character and making a false police report (Penal Code 148.5). I cannot imagine any reputable organization maintaining a relationship with anyone who would perpetrate such unethical behavior.

Attempts to exercise free speech is not making threats. Attempting to quash free speech because you don’t like your behavior to be challenged is cowardice.

I look forward to Whittier College President Oubré and Chairman Santana providing written proof behind their accusations against Save Whittier College.

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