Letter to WC Faculty, Students, and Staff

January 24, 2023

Dear Whittier College Faculty, Students and Staff:

We, the signatories, are members of the extended Whittier College community – alumni, friends, donors, former Trustees, and family members – and we are deeply concerned by what appears to be an unprecedented leadership crisis at the College that affects its future viability.

For 135 years, Whittier College has been at the forefront among liberal arts colleges in creating a diverse and welcoming campus. Named for the poet John Greenleaf Whittier, a prominent Quaker and leader in the abolitionist movement, this venerable institution is ranked by The Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education in the top 15% of colleges and universities for diversity and inclusion with students of color constituting up to 70 percent of Whittier’s undergraduate student body. We are proud of the College’s recognition as a Hispanic Serving Institution and a Minority Serving Institution which is rooted in our Quaker heritage and its enduring values, such as respect for the individual, fostering community and service, social justice, freedom of conscience, and respect for human differences.

For the past few years, we have received increasingly distressed messages from individual faculty, students and staff about a hostile campus environment which includes aggressive and litigious efforts to silence critics. We are observing low morale and unprecedented attrition of faculty and staff. This is alongside poor retention and decreasing diversity of students; all of which is deeply concerning. We are witnessing a dramatic decline in enrollment numbers, increasing tuition discount rates, and a substantial drop in giving by alumni that has resulted in a significant decrease in annual operating revenue. We have watched 23 of 36 Trustees resign from the Board during their term or choose not to stand for re-election including two recent Board Chairs. And we are learning of the elimination of athletics programs with disingenuous announced reasoning, plans to sell Wardman House and other college properties, a request for an emergency debt covenant waiver due to illiquidity, and serious concerns raised by the College’s accreditors about financial sustainability and the lack of a strategic enrollment plan.

This torrent of negative information is backed by compelling evidence reflecting an institution in grave distress. Yet we are told it is hearsay and a malicious attempt to discredit the President. Given this, we feel it is imperative to hear directly from those on the campus who are experiencing this situation first-hand. We need you to share officially the voice or voices of the faculty, students, and staff with the College community at large. For any faculty or students concerned for their academic freedom, their ability to participate in such a poll, or their ability to express themselves freely, you are encouraged to contact the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) at https://thefire.org/alarm.

Free speech and free inquiry is a practice vital for the exercise of democracy and the promotion of the common good. We are determined to protect your right to free expression without unreasonable interference to ensure a vibrant marketplace of ideas in a collegial and respectful learning and working environment. We are offering to underwrite the use of an outside facilitator to design and administer the surveys. Exercising your rights does not mean you cannot be anonymous.

We are asking the faculty body to inform and clarify its positions. We need to learn if you are confident with the direction of the College. Do you understand the institutional strategy and do you believe in the current leadership’s ability to execute on it? Is the quality of the resources, technology and equipment sufficient to support the delivery of instruction? Are you seeking employment elsewhere?

Students must be allowed to share their perception of the quality of the learning environment without the interference of staff or administration. We encourage students to provide clarity to these questions: How satisfied are you with your academic experiences at Whittier? Is the student experience outside the classroom meeting your expectations? Do you believe the campus culture offers a conducive atmosphere to your overall growth and development? Are you considering transferring?

Staff, too, we need to hear from you. Is there a positive work environment? Do you have what you need to succeed in your position? What do you think the College needs to improve?

We hear from the Administration on a regular basis with newsletters and emails touting its achievements and espousing a commitment to transparency. Now it is your turn to share your voices. Please be clear and direct so that those of us not experiencing the day-to-day environment can better understand the reality of the situation.

None of this is easy, we know, but we think it is essential to hear collectively from the faculty, students, and staff to ensure a vibrant future for Whittier College for many generations to come.


Richard H. Deihl ’49, D.B.A. ’84Poets Laureate; Trustee Emeritus; Trustee (1970-82, 1992-2002)
Billie (Beane) Deihl ’51Poets Laureate
Richard I. Gilchrist ’68, P’06 ’07Poets Laureate; Trustee Emeritus; Board Chair (2003-2011); Trustee (1996-2018); Orthogonian Society
Nina (Newsom) Gilchrist ’69, P’06 ’07Poets Laureate; Daughter of *W. Roy Newsom ’34 who had a 40-year career at the College as a student, professor, administrator and president,  and *Alice Newsom P’53, P’66, P’69, GP’78, GP’80, GP’06, GP’07, founder and president of Quaker Campus Women
Donald J. Herrema ’74Poets Laureate; Trustee Emeritus; Board Chair (2011-2014); Trustee (1996-2014)
Sharon (Ettinger) McLaughlin P’85 ’88 ’90Poets Laureate; Trustee Emerita; Trustee (1983-2010)
Harriet Harris P’80 ’87Poets Laureate; Wife of Trustee Emeritus *Willard “Bill” V. Harris Jr. ’55
James M. Brown ’71Poets Laureate; Board Chair (2017-2020); Trustee (2008-2021); Lancer Society
Joyce (Eakin) Brown ‘71Poets Laureate; Metaphonian Society
James R. ParksPoets Laureate; Trustee (2007-2022); Vice Chair & Treasurer (2018-2021)
R. Chandler Myers, LLD ’88Trustee Emeritus; Trustee (1973-2001)
Barry M. Blechman P’14Trustee (2014-2018); Vice Chair & Secretary (2016-17)
Roy “R.J.” Clason, Jr. ’84Trustee (2002-2008); Alumni Achievement Award, 2008; William Penn Society; Sachsen Society
Vincent J. Daigneault ’85Trustee (2004-2019)
Kristine E. Dillon ’73Trustee (1994-2012); Alumni Service to the College Award, 2015; Thalian
Raymond “Buck” Ferguson ’67Trustee (2016-2021); ASWC President
Wayne Harvey ’60Trustee (2000-2013); Alumni Service to the College Award, 2008
Suzy (Elliott) Harvey ’67, MA’72Alumni Community Impact Award, 2017; Former Director of Alumni Relations (1980 – 1990); Metaphonian Society
Kathleen L. Kane ’71Trustee (2014-2021)
Edwin Y. Keh ’79 P’10 ’14Trustee (2008-2020); Parent of Andrew Keh ’10 and Josh Keh-Vick ’14
Chris Martin ’94Trustee (2013-2016); Baseball
Joyce (Johnson) Mullenbach ’77Trustee (2019-2021); Past President, Friends of the Shannon Center; Alumni Service to the College Award, 2015; Thalian Society
Amy Pulver ’72Trustee (2000-2004); Alumni Service to the College Award, 2015; Thalian Society
Doreen O’Connor-GómezProfessor of Spanish, Department of Modern Languages, 1991 – present
Joe P. Moore ’73Founding President, Friends of the Shannon Center; Lancer Society
Edna (Brindley) Moore ’73Class Agent
Jeffrey K. Ball MBA ’89Grandson of *Dolores (Lautrup) Ball ’33, LH.D. ’96, Trustee Emerita
Penny S. Fraumeni ’68Alumni Achievement Award, 2008; Ionian Society; Basketball; Softball; Volleyball
Vincent J. Fraumeni ’69Alumni Community Impact Award, 1988
Ivan T. Guevara ’59Alumni Service to the College Award, 2009; Orthogonian Society; Former Head Basketball Coach
Bonnie MacEwan ’72Alumni Service to the College Award, 2015; Thalian Society
Alex Tenorio ’74Alumni Service to the College Award, 2019; Member, Alianza de los Amigos
Francis Remkiewicz ’74Member of founding family of Whittier College with alumni spanning close to 90 years (Emma Madge Horton 1917 to Matthew Remkiewicz 2002)
Kathryn (Tenopir) Remkiewicz ’72Daughter of *George Tenopir ’48, MA ’49 (Dean of Admission and Financial Aid for over 30 years)
Matthew Remkiewicz ’02Son of Francis Remkiewicz ’74; Lancer Society (President); ISC Co-Chair
Rebekah RemkiewiczDaughter of Francis Remkiewicz ’74
Stacey Remkiewicz ’77Thalien Society
Willard “Bill” Porter Harris ’80 Son of Trustee Emeritus *Willard “Bill” V. Harris Jr. ’55
Lisabeth (Harris) Marziello ’87Daughter of *Trustee Emeritus Willard “Bill” V. Harris Jr. ’55
Sheila Harris ’80Daughter-in-law of *Trustee Emeritus Willard “Bill” V. Harris Jr. ’55
Jean Ettinger ’90 Daughter of Trustee Emerita Sharon (Ettinger) McLaughlin P’85 ’88 ’90
Ronene (Ettinger) Anderson ’85Daughter of Trustee Emerita Sharon (Ettinger) McLaughlin P’85 ’88 ’90
James Ettinger ’88Son of Trustee Emerita Sharon (Ettinger) McLaughlin P’85 ’88 ’90
Kristine (Jacobs) Schoemann ’87Daughter of *David A. Jacobs, former head coach of the men’s basketball team (1971 – 1995), director of athletics, founder of Whittier College Summer Sports Camp.
Chris Schoemann ’87Former staff for WC Summer Camps (1985 – 1990); Men’s Golf Coach (1990; Alumni Association Board member; Baseball; Basketball; Golf
Jami (Feinberg) Simons ’85Daughter of Sheldon Feinberg z”l, former Trustee
Lori (Feinberg) KanyDaughter of Sheldon Feinberg z”l, former Trustee
Randi Feinberg ’76Daughter of Sheldon Feinberg z”l, former Trustee
Andrew Keh ’10Son of former Trustee Edwin Y. Keh ’79 P’10, P’14
Josh Keh-Vick ’14Son of former Trustee Edwin Y. Keh ’79 P’10, P’14
Heather Bergerson WeissDaughter of Professor Fred Bergerson z”l
Daniel F. DuranProfessor Emeritus, Department of Business Administration
Donna Laine P’07Wife of *Charles Russell “Chuck” Laine, Professor of Economics and Business Administration
Greg Kemp ’93Orthogonian Society; Football; son of Linda (Sutton) Kemp ’66 and *John Kemp ’66; grandson of *Regina (Duncan) Kemp ’34 and *Charles Kemp ’35
Chi (Catello) Kemp ’96
Linda (Sutton) Kemp ’66
Gerald AdamsFormer Associate Professor of Chemistry (1970-1998) and Registrar/Associate Academic Dean (1989-1998)
Steve Addezio ’09 Sachsen Society; Student Rep to Board of Trustees (2008-2009)
George W. Allen ’60Orthogonian Society
Dave Anderson ’93Orthogonian Society; Basketball
Kathy Boykin Anderson ‘85Former assistant to *Professor Fred Bergerson (1981-84); Former WC Summer Camp Staff; Sachsen Society
Krystal Anderson ’14Sachsen Society
LeRoy M. Anderson ’60Orthogonian Society
Stephanie Angus ’12
Patrick Arcadi ’77Lancer Society; Basketball; Football
Margie Arnett ’94Thalien Society; Swimming & Diving; Track & Field; Water Polo
Ramey Arnold ’97
Bryan Atwater ’98 Lancer Society; Football; Track & Field
Jennifer (Ward) Ayala ’84Metaphonian Society; Sachsen Society
Bill Ayares ’85
James Bailey ’94
Maggie Beard ’11Palmer Society; Former work study student in Admissions
Cassandra Benner ’15Palmer Society
Richard Bennett ‘91Franklin Society; Football
Alvin T. Bernstein ’76Football
Carol Inge Bernstein ’76Former Assistant Director of Admissions; Metaphonian Society
Karen (Ritter) Bienz ‘89Palmer Society
Thomas Bienz ‘89Water Polo
Brandon Boettner ’95 Baseball
Dennis A. Bonfantine ’72Orthogonian Society
Donald W. Bowker ’83Orthogonian Society
Sarah Jane (Williams) Brewster ’62Ionian Society, Student Body Social Chairperson, Cap and Gown, daughter of Duncan Rea Williams ’26
Lori Bridda-Wakie ’95Metaphonian Society
Dave Broomhead ‘70Football
Diane Brown ’64Metaphonian Society
Norma Buss ’82Sachsen Society
Shane CadmanFormer Manager, Ruth B. Shannon Center for the Performing Arts
Sir E. Fred Cannon KCHS ’72Student Senator, Head Photographer, Soccer, Student Task Force
James Carlisle ’56Orthogonian Society
David Carnevale ’97 Former Director of Financial Aid
Garrett Carr ’10Former Assistant for Football Team (2010-2012); Football; Track & Field
Terees (Dowd) Carr ’11
CJ Carty 00Former Poet Council; Lancer Society; Golf; Swimming & Diving; Water Polo
Dan Carvalho ’91Basketball
Cris Perez Castillo ’18Sachsen Society
Anna Warren Cebrian ’97A.O.K.P.; Student Gallery Director 96-97’; Work Study at the Library and Bon Appetite; Tour Guide; Former Class Agent; Admissions Volunteer
Gordon Chamberlin ’80 Orthogonian Society
Mike Chavez ’81Former Football Coach; Football; Track & Field
Bill Clingwald ’67Orthogonian Society; Football
Steve Colflesh ’70Orthogonian Society; Football
Jonathan Collard ’01Past Alumni Board Member; Past Poet Council; Past President Associated Students of Whittier College (ASWC); William Penn Society; Track & Field
Cathy Conde ’80Palmer Society
Mahlon Conly ’55Orthogonian Society
Robin Conradi ’94Athenian Society
Elana Bear Cornelius ’92Sachsen Society
Maryann Courtois-Horsley ’79Swimming & Diving; Purple & Gold Hall of Fame
Dennis Coville ’69Orthogonian Society
Scott Cureton ’74Orthogonian Society
John & Alice Davison P’06
Nicole Davison ’06Athenian Society; Alpha Psi Omega (Drama); Stage Technician (1999-2004), Ruth B. Shannon Center
Gary Day ’84Football; Track & Field
Pete Dean ’60Orthogonian Society
Rebecca Deitch ’08Palmer Society
Kathy (Robles) Dekramer ’81Athenian Society; Poet Cheerleader
Larry Denyer ’89Franklin Society; Water Polo
Trudy Schunk Denyer ’65Metaphonian Society
Alan Dicker ’91
Phyllis (Driskill) Dickson ’63Metaphonian Society
William T. “Tom” Dickson ’63Orthogonian Society; Baseball
Katrina Diller ’92Former QC Photography Editor, RA, and work study for the Office of Admissions; Athenian Society; Lacrosse
Cathie (Clifgard) Dolen ’81
Harry Dolen ’76Orthogonian Society; Football; Track & Field
Stacey Doran ’06Former Admission Officer (2006-2012); Basketball; Track & Field; Volleyball
Clifford Dudley ’63Orthogonian Society
Scott Duncan ’73Orthogonian Society; Football; 39-years in Education with the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District
Elizabeth (Holt) Durr ’19 AOKP
Steven K. Ertel, D.D.S. ’76Orthogonian Society
Robert “Bob” Evans ’64Orthogonian Society
Hugh Fenderson ’69Orthogonian Society; Basketball; Track & Field
Jim Ferguson ’66Orthogonian Society
Max Fields ’58Orthogonian Society
William S. Franz ’78Franklin Society
Savra Frounfelker ’94Palmer Society
Michelle (Arehart) Fuller ’97, MA’00Ionian Society; WC Choir; daughter of Maribeth (Shepherd) Arehart ’68 and James Arehart ’69
Diana (Guy) Frayne ‘02Whittier Scholars Program
Cristina (Durazzo) Gardner ’76
Marty Gardner Former Bon Appetite Café staff member (2009-2021)
Bill Gates ’98Franklin Society; Water Polo
Julie (Pennington) Gates ’99Metaphonian Society
Katherine Givler ’95 
Angel J. Gomez ’78Orthogonian Society
James R. Goodwin ’66Orthogonian Society
Sylvia Gortz ’88Metaphonian Society
John Hall ’67William Penn Society; 1967 Reunion Committee
Yukio Hamada ’61Orthogonian Society; Baseball
Marilyn Hamada 
Damon Hess ’88Lacrosse; Water Polo
Jerry B. Hier ’88Orthogonian Society
Patricia (Juarez) Hill ’98Former staff in Office of Advancement (1998-2000); Athenian Society; Softball
Teresa Holt ’90Swimming & Diving; Water Polo
Theodore P. Horton-Billard, Jr. ’77, JD’84Lancer Society; Swimming & Diving; Water Polo
Cynthia “Cindy” (Hall) Houston ’68
Lawrence T. “Tom” Houston ‘62 
Holly (Frank) Hovsepian ’88Metaphonian Society; Cheerleading Squad
Geoff Ianiri ’00Lacrosse
Fred Ivey ’86Franklin Society; Football; Lacrosse
Ryan R. Johnson ’96Orthogonian Society; Baseball; Golf
Sydney Kanne ‘17Swimming & Diving
Urmi KarFormer Dean of Enrollment (1997-2003)
Richard Kim ’92Former Golf Coach (2007 – 2014); Sachsen Society; Football; Golf; Track & Field
Heidi Koeger ’14
Dr. Daniel KwasniewskiVisiting Professor of Chemistry (2021-2022)
Marcella (Thomas) Lamar ’84, MA’04Palmer Society
Sydney (Crossman) LaRose ‘85Thalian Society; Sachsen Society
Margaret Annelle Lerner ’80Thalien Society; Softball
Anna Livits P’08Former Data Base Administrator ( 1991-2021)
Doug Locker ’79 Former Men’s Lacrosse Coach; Former Director of Admission (1979 – 2002); Lacrosse
Arthur P. Lombardi ’64Lancer Society
Melissa Lopez ’90Metaphonian Society
Jennifer (Prottas) Lowe ’94Metaphonian Society
Gus Lua ’96Football; Hispanic Student Association
Leigha Lucas ’99Former Staff in Alumni Relations (2000-2001); Palmer Society
Norman W. Lytle III ’67Orthogonian Society; Football; Purple & Gold Hall of Fame
Anthony MacAllister ’88Franklin Society
Kathleen (Whitaker) MacAllister ’96, MA’98Athenian Society
Brendan Macaulay ’89Franklin Society; Swimming; Water Polo (Captain)
Virginia Macaulay P’82, ’83, ’84, ’87, ’88, ’89Mother of six Whittier College graduates; four are MDs, one is a DDS, and one is a JD
Kevin MacDonald ‘82Basketball – Team Co-captain
Jason Manalili ’13Football
Lindsey (Logan) Manalili ’13
Christine (Ziegler) Mangrich ’80Thalian Society; Psi Chi
Richard D. “Rick” Magner ’70Football; Co-founder of IOTAS
Richard Manjarres ’19 Richard M. Nixon Fellow (2018-2019)
Dave Mann ’93Baseball; Football
George Marich ’63Orthogonian Society
Julie (Rytand) Martwick ’88Metaphonian Society; Cross Country
Stephen McCrea ’82Basketball; Residential Life Advisor (1979-1982); Homecoming King ’82; Head JV Basketball Coach (1983-1985)
Evan McDaniel ’94
Kristin Helms McDaniel ’99Athenian Society; Granddaughter of Paul Helms, Jr. (Helms Foundation), a donor and family friend of Ruth B. Shannon
Madeleine McLaughlin ’16 
Suzy Eliot McLaughlin ’85Former Staff (1985-87); Sachsen Society; Softball
Dennis McMaster ’63Orthogonian Society
Linda McMaster
Ray W. McMullen ’54Orthogonian Society
Madeleine “Maddie” McMurray ‘18Swimming & Diving; Inaugural ASWC Senate Environmental Action Advocate; Ionian Society; Peer Mentor
RK Meier ’94William Penn Society
Bobbi Mendoza ’15Former Alumni Association Board Member, Ionian Society, Water Polo, ASWC Board
Deana (Shively) Miller ’94Volleyball
Kieron J. MillerFormer Vice President for Enrollment
Rev. Dr. Marvin J. Miller ’91Former Associate Chaplain (1992-94)
David Mires ’79Orthogonian Society
Lauri (Cook) Mires ’80Metaphonian Society
Brian W. Mock ’65Orthogonian Society; Football
Erikka (Stumpf) Molumphy ‘89Metaphonian Society; Tennis
Danikka Moses ’94Thalien Society; Track & Field
Marina Muñoz ’82Class Agent; Athenian Society
Greg Munsell ’69Orthogonian Society
Catherine “Katy” Murphy ’76Former Director of Admission (1978-1992); Sachsen Society
Mal Neely ’70Orthogonian Society
Christine (Reel) Nelson ’72Palmer Society; former WC Staff (1983-2001, including as Director of Alumni Relations ’96-’01); Parent of alum
Rae Lynn Nelson ’83Sachsen Society; Former Alumni Board member; Whittier Scholar; Quaker Campus Editor (1982-83)
David Newell ’69Orthogonian Society; Football; All-American (Center); Purple & Gold Hall of Fame
Michael Noonan ’69Football
Nanette (Plummer) Noonan ’69 
Jim Olson ’59Orthogonian Society; Baseball; Basketball; Purple & Gold Hall of Fame
Marjorie (Millikan) Olson ’61Athenian Society
Tracy (Maple) Olson ’04, MA’06Former Graduate Assistant 2004-2006; Softball; Swimming & Diving
Ernie Omeri ’69Orthogonian Society
Nicole Palacios ’04Athenian Society
Marcus Paredes ‘98Orthogonian Society; Football
Judy Maria Ferguson Patel ’78
Nick Patronite ’11Football; VP of Richard Nixon Club
Rick Pena ’76Orthogonian Society
Robert “Jim” Pendleton ’77Orthogonian Society; Football
Katie (Hunter) Perkins ’05Director of International Programs (2005-2012)
Sharon Lott Person ’78Palmer Society
Tiffany Peterson ’16
F. Michael “Mike” Plummer ’70Orthogonian Society; Football
Sharon Cathy (Clayton) Plummer ’70
Kristin Points ’01Ionian Society
Brian Pollock ’92
Robin Ponce-Edgington ’80Thalian Society
Krista (Bishop) Powers ’00Former Alumni Association Board; Athenian Society; Water Polo
Russ Purnell ’70Orthogonian Society
Jim Pursell ’87Basketball (Captain ’87)
Lourdes Ramboa ’89 
Raquel Rasmussen ’97Athenian Society
Brian K. Raymond Orthogonian Society
Mike Raymond ‘77Orthogonian Society
Thomas F. “Tom” Read ’69Orthogonian Society
Laura (McNeely) Reese ’05Thalian Society; Softball
Tim Regan ’65Orthogonian Society
Rachel (Homel) Rice ’96Former President of Alumni Association (2008-2010); Ionian Society
Michael T. Rizzo ‘79Sachsen Society; ASWC Board of Governors
Andy Roach ’91Former staff (1996-97)
Darrell Robinson ’79Orthogonian Society; Baseball
Elizabeth Power RobisonVice President for Advancement and Strategic Initiatives (2007-2015); Jewish Student Union (Advisor); Faithful Friend (15 years)
Jorge Rodriguez ’94FRANKLIN Society; Soccer; Cross-Country
Allison Rohrer ’13Sigma Tau Delta President (2012-2013); A.O.K.P. President (2011-2013)
Joe Romano ’00Whittier Scholar, Lacrosse
Cassandra Ronquillo ‘14Former Assistant Director of Development; Metaphonian Society
Joshua Rosenthal ’96 Lancer Society; Football
David Roussel ’74Lancer Society; Freshman Basketball
Paul Rowan ’83Orthogonian; Baseball; Football; Purple & Gold Hall of Fame
Andrea Roy ’02 
David Sahadevan ‘97Lacrosse
Ashley Sandoval ’19Ionian Society
Naya Sawah ’21
Edward Schoenberg ’74Former Associate Director of Admissions (1974-1980)
Brett Schraeder ’95Former Associate Director of Admission (1995 – 2000); Basketball; Soccer
Liz Schluter ’07Ionian Society (President 2006-2007); Former Ionian Society Alumni Board Member
Charles (Chuck) Sellers ‘64Orthogonian Society
Keristofer Seryani ’98 Former Poet Council; William Penn Society
William A. (Bill) Shonborn ’65Lancer Society; Cross Country; Track
Kirsten (Belknap) Shore ‘93Daughter of Elizabeth L. (Unland) Belknap ‘71; Palmer Society; Acropolis; Peer Counselor; Business Manager, WC Chorale/Choir
Carol Heinz Shupek ’63Former Alumni Association Board Member; Friends of the Shannon Center
Tiffany Sickler ’95Sachsen Society
Tonatiuh Signoret ’90Franklin Society; Football
Shannon Siracuse ’07
Sandie and Richard ’63 SkinnerOrthogonian Society; Baseball; Football
Ashley Smith ’97Athenian Society
Morgan Smith ’94Lancer Society; Soccer
Tyisha Smith ’02Football
Donald Somers ’81Orthogonian Society
Paul Sorrell ’86Sachsen Society; Golf
James Stafford ’15Franklin Society; Baseball; Soccer
Nadine Stecklein ’05Former staff (2014-2017); Palmer Society
Beth Stikkers ’96Thalian Society; Softball
David Stimler ’97Orthogonian Society; Football
Nick “E Z” Street ’56Orthogonian Society
Corinne Pehrson Stover ’52Ionian Sociey; Poet Theatre
Jerlene Tatum ’98Thalien Society; Cross Country
Michael Thomas ’94Sachsen Society; Soccer
Sue (Sioux) Thompson ’75Palmer Society; College Choir
A. Richard Trueblood ’60Orthogonian Society
Sheldon Tuck ’95Tennis
Bianca Urquidi ’02Softball; Volleyball
Brandon Valeriano ’99 
Annette Van WagnerFormer Enrollment Assistant
Denise (Wong) Velasco ’13Former administrative coordinator of the LIASE Project
Renae Waestman-Furlow ’98Athenian Society; Volleyball
Rachel (Bickert) Wells ’14Jewish Student Union (President)
Janet Wheeler ’89Soccer; Softball
Chris Whitaker ’89Orthogonian Society; Football
Kristin WibergDirector of Strategic Initiatives (2019-2020); Executive Assistant to the President (2001-2019); Assistant Secretary to the Board of Trustees (2001-2019); Faithful Friend
K. WigginsSupporter of the First Amendment
Ken M. Woods ’84 Former Associate Director of Admissions and Residential Life (1986-90), Alumni Board member and Key to the College Recipient, 1987
Philip Woodworth ’78Orthogonian Society
Victoria “Vicky” Yang ’99Thalien Society; Tennis; Student Government
Tina (Ibanez) Yates ’96Former Adjunct Professor (2007 – 2021); Athenian Society
Rick Younger ’90Orthogonian Society
Sherry (Hedrick) Younger ’86Palmer Society
Tim Younger ’87
Joseph M Zanetta, JDVice President for Advancement and Board Secretary (1992-2001)

* Deceased

The list of signatories will be updated daily.

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