Maggie Beard ’11 Letter to the Board of Trustees

From: Maggie Beard
Date: Mon, Feb 20, 2023 at 8:39 PM
Subject: February 2023 Board of Trustees Meeting Whittier College

To whom it may concern,

I have received troubling news about a dear Society and Philanthropic member of the alumni, and I wish to find out if this information is true and what is being done to rectify the situation. I heard that Mrs. Barabra (Ondrasik) Groce class of 1957 was unable to join the board meeting due to her access being denied, and this is upsetting due to her being a sister along with a million-dollar donor to the school.  She helped us (The Palmer Society) fund and gain momentum in our endowed scholarship.  Having worked with Mrs. Groce personally I know she prides herself on attending to her responsibilities and troubleshooting any challenges that arise for her.  

This isn’t the first time information has been presented to me that makes me question how disagreements with leadership and governance of the college is being handled.  I have been painted as being a violent and hatred filled person who wishes harm on members of the school administration, board, staff, students, and faculty when that is the opposite of everything I’ve stated along with those I associate with.  There are statements (some of which I have had to take action in protecting myself from due to my employment) from the President of the college stating that I as a member of the alumni that have sent threats, and wished ill on her, her office and her family, which has never happened, in fact I have been part of several conversations which have been very Quaker in listening to differing ideas and points of view and respecting we are different.  If the threats are being received that is horrible and I would not associate myself with those people doing so nor would I encourage anyone to think so poorly of any human. 

I have a few questions and would like answers that are not convoluted and actually answer the questions.  

  1. How would you like alumni to help in the enrollment of the college?
  2. Not all alumni have deep pockets and are willing to give time and talk about the college, can we leverage this?
  3. Why are we only recruiting students from Southern California? If it’s a staffing issue I know I would be willing to help and I am sure we have other alumni who would be willing to help if asked for something other than money. 
  4. If I answered the questions sent to the board and president in the ways they have at the town halls via Zoom and YouTube, I would have not received my degree from Whittier let alone high school, how do you square that discrepancy with your own responses?
  5. Can the regional alumni/recruiting events return? At one point we would gather for a current student event that was taking place around the country one example was a football game at Whitman College in Washington State, we had a small tailgate before the game then watched the game together.  Enrollment sent some materials and students who were looking at attending we also invited and the alumni talked about the college, answered student and parent questions and got to enjoy stories of college life.  Enrollment would invite the students. 

I look forward to receiving your answers,

Thank you,

Maggie Beard
Class 2011

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