Board Votes to “Suspend” Two Long-Serving Trustees

4 responses to “Board Votes to “Suspend” Two Long-Serving Trustees”

  1. Appalling

  2. Shame. I feel WC is being run by politicians versed in misinformation whose every action is as corrupt as any that have ever blackened this nation. It’s quite apparent that Doc is attempting to enrich herself from whatever is left of our institution.

  3. Dennis Bonfantine ‘72 Avatar
    Dennis Bonfantine ‘72

    Where is the transparency? What is so confidential that it warrants wasting precious funds on an expensive investigation? The board has lost its way.

  4. How is it one diabolical individual can wreak so much havoc on such a tight knit community and institution with such a proud tradition and history she is somehow trying to rewrite?

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