Poets’ Pledge Honor Roll

On Wednesday, March 29, Whittier College held its annual ‘Big Poet Give’ and it landed like a lead balloon. It is clear the alumni and friends of Whittier College do not have confidence in President Oubré and her administration. In recent years, more than 600 donors have contributed over $250,000 in support of student success during the one-day fundraising sprint. This year, 197 donors gave $130,489 with just two donors giving more than half of the total funds raised. We thought it would be interesting to see how much we could raise during a similar “fundraising sprint” from the alumni and friends who have stopped giving to the College. We don’t have access to email addresses or any other fundraising resources. But we have the most important resource: relationships. 

Total Donors
Total Amount

Pledges by Designation

Athletics $   49,25969
Faculty Support $   35,15029
General Fund $ 202,00692
Residence Hall Improvement Fund $   14,10037
Scholarships $ 221,85582
Other $   17,46012
TOTAL $ 539,830321

Pledges by Decade

1950s $ 121,4508
1960s $   67,45022
1970s $   94,02061
1980s $   56,24039
1990s $ 140,67996
2000s $   29,46146
2010s $   10,43523
Faculty/Staff/Student $     6,99512
Friend $   13,10014
TOTAL $ 539,830321

———- Forwarded message ———
From: Billie ’50 and Richard ’49 Deihl
Date: Sat, Apr 1, 2023 at 11:46 AM
Subject: Re: Poets’ Pledge for President Oubré’s Removal or Resignation from Office


You are doing such a good job keeping us informed of what is going on at Whittier College these days. We don’t have many friends our age that keep in touch with the “changes” that have destroyed our very special college. But we have kept in touch with a dear friend, Barbara Groce ’57, who was blocked from attending one of the last meetings, and we knew we had to step in and voice our objection to the shameful way the President of the college, and also the Board of Trustees are promoting this unconscionable behavior. Why are they wanting to sell the beautiful Wardman House—for money? If we can fire this unqualified President and encourage Trustees to remember their responsibilities and, if not, resign from the Board, we are on track to attract faculty and students that would apply merit, and love and caring for one another. We want bright, hard-working students who enter their adult life prepared to lead, whether in the business world or as parents. We aren’t victims, we are responsible for our own actions.

The Deihls

P.S. We have signed the pledge form.

Poets’ Pledge Honor Roll (as of Noon, April 7, 2023)

Full NameClass YearPledge Designation
Anonymous1965General Fund
Anonymous1974Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Anonymous1975General Fund
Anonymous1977Karen Ann Pilkington Endowment METS
Anonymous1979General Fund
Anonymous1979General Fund
Anonymous1979Thalian Society
Anonymous1983General Fund
Anonymous1985Faculty Support
Anonymous1987Thalian Society – Chris Gillette ’69 Thalian Alumni Scholarship
Anonymous1995General Fund
Anonymous1995General Fund
Anonymous1995General Fund
Anonymous1995Metaphonian Society Endowed Scholarship
Anonymous1996General Fund
Anonymous1996Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Anonymous1996Residence Hall Improvement Fund
Anonymous1996Thalian Society Endowed Scholarship
Anonymous1997Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Anonymous1997Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Anonymous1997General Fund
Anonymous1997Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Anonymous1997General Fund
Anonymous1998General Fund
Anonymous1999Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Anonymous2000General Fund
Anonymous2001Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Anonymous2002Stephen Gothold Memorial Fund
Anonymous2002General Fund
Anonymous2002Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Anonymous2003General Fund
Anonymous2005Residence Hall Improvement Fund
Anonymous2006Athenian Scholarship Fund
Anonymous2008Faculty Support
Anonymous2009Athenian Scholarship/ business department
Anonymous2012Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Anonymous2012Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Anonymous2013Residence Hall Improvement Fund
Anonymous2016Residence Hall Improvement Fund
Anonymous2017Residence Hall Improvement Fund
Anonymous 2018Residence Hall Improvement Fund
Anonymous2019General Fund
AnonymousBA ’04, MA ’07Palmer Endowed Scholarship
AnonymousMA ’75General Fund
AnonymousFacultyResidence Hall Improvement Fund
AnonymousFacultyResidence Hall Improvement Fund
AnonymousFriendResidence Hall Improvement Fund
AnonymousFriendPurple & Gold (Athletics)
AnonymousFriendGeneral Fund
AnonymousStaffPurple & Gold (Athletics)
AnonymousStudentPurple & Gold (Athletics)
Steve Addezio2009Faculty Support
Eric J. Aitken1995General Fund
Leigh Ann Akins1972General Fund
Silvia Hidalgo-Albertini1994General Fund
Krystal Anderson2014General Fund
Rosario Araguas2002Residence Hall Improvement Fund
Patrick A. Arcadi1977Purple & Gold (Athletics)
E. Jonathan Arnett1996Scholarships
Margie Ruth Arnett1994General Fund
Sharon Elizabeth (Harvey) Austin1971Faculty Support
Jennifer Ward Ayala1984Music Department 
Marleena B.C. Barber2003General Fund
Andrea Barber1999Faculty Support
Tara Barnhart1995Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Lynda Sue Bates1973General Fund
William Jeffrey Beard1996Theater, Film & Radio Departments 
Ronald Douglas Bennett1965Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Karen (Ritter) Bienz ’89 and Thomas Bienz ’891989 and 1989Wherever it is needed the most
Brandon Boettner1995Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Gabriela Bray 2004Scholarships
Stefanie Brignoni1992General Fund
Ana Leticia Brinkerhoff 1977Wherever it is needed the most
Charlene Allison (Beal) Brown BA ’04, MA ’17Faculty Support
Diane E. Brown1964General Fund
James M. Brown1971General Fund
John Michael Caffey1981General Fund
David C. Carnevale1997Theatre Department – production costs
Lynn Suzanne Carri1977Re-establishing sports programs 
Jacob Wayne Carter-Hickok2016Purple & Gold (Athletics)
CJ Carty2000Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Jared Cato2011Residence Hall Improvement Fund
Anna Warren Cebrian1997Residence Hall Improvement Fund
R.J. Clason1984General Fund
Camille Palmerino Clifford1979Existing General Programs
Steve and Melissa Colflesh1969Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Jonathan Collard2001William Penn Endowed Fund
Robin Conradi 1994Faculty Support
Janice Elaine Cook1969General Fund
Elana Bear Cornelius1992General Fund
Dr. Kelly Couchman, M.A., D.C., M.S. BA ’04, MA ’09Residence Hall Improvement Fund
Christopher T. Cross1962Faculty Support
Nancy Hughes Dahms1981Societies
Vince and Jan Daigneault1985Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Randall Scot Davidson1988Faculty Support
Tracy Davila BA ’91, MA ’94General Fund
Richard ’49 and Billie ’50 Deihl1949 and 1950Scholarships and Faculty Support
William Thomas Dickson1963Baseball
Katrina Diller1992Scholarships
Kristine Dillon1973General Fund
Dennis Dionne2005Faculty Support
Alexis Dods2017General Fund
Scott Walter Duncan1973Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Elizabeth Anne Durr2019Residence Hall Improvement Fund
Robin Rae Ponce-Edgington1980Faculty Support
George Warren Ekins, Jr.1995William Penn Society Endowed Scholarship
Jose V. Elizalde FacultyFaculty Support
Josh Elizalde1992Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Raymond Erickson1963Margaretha Lohmann Endowed Piano Scholarship  Acct. #657900
Jennifer Estabrook2002General Fund
Sarah Fehribach2006Residence Hall Improvement Fund
Randi Feinberg 1976Faculty Support
Peter Feinberg1982Wherever it is needed the most
Ronene Ettinger Anderson /
The Ettinger Foundation
1985Faculty Support
Rozanne Fratto1987Residence Hall Improvement Fund
Vince ’69 and Penny ’68 Fraumeni1969 and 1968Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Renae Waestman-Furlow1998Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Erika Dale Garvin1996Scholarships
Rick Gilchrist1968General Fund
William and Barbara Bliss Gillette1972General Fund
Gail Hinn Gitt1966General Fund
Jehan Godrej2019Residence Hall Improvement Fund
Patti Goughary 1978Metaphonian Society Endowed Scholarship
Maura Anne Greeley1970Scholarships
Barbara (Ondrasik) Groce1957General Fund
Carey Halio1995General Fund
Mary Ann (Broccolo) Hamman1974Faculty Support
Harriet Ann HarrisFriend
(Spouse of Bill Harris ’55)
Fellowships for International Travel Community Organizers
Peter Harris1965General Fund
Wayne ’60 and Susie ’67 Harvey1960 and 1967Scholarships
Lisa Hemminger1991Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Julie Diane Herold1995General Fund
Donald J. Herrema1974General Fund
Damon M. Hess1988General Fund
Patricia L. (Juarez) Hill1998Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Sherrie Hill1990Athenian Society
Melanie Himmelright1995General Fund
Teresa Holt 1990Residence Hall Improvement Fund
Leslie Hong1967General Fund
Suzanne Fratto Hopstock 1990Residence Hall Improvement Fund
Jim Householder1997Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Yvonne Huffaker1997Residence Hall Improvement Fund
Lisa IbanezFacultyPurple & Gold (Athletics)
Karen (Johnsen) Jantzen1977General Fund
Gregory Lawrence Jenkins 1985Reduce college debt 
Casey l. JohnsonFriendFaculty Support
Sandra Scheiber Johnson1990General Fund
Staci Kaiser 1996Scholarships
Erin Regan Kaminski2001General Fund
Kathleen L Kane 1971Faculty Support
Urmi KarFriendGeneral Fund
Andrew David Keh2010General Fund
Bede Hermosillo Kellogg and Peter Kellogg1998Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Michelle Lynn Kelly1990Met endowment
 Chi Kemp1996Residence Hall Improvement Fund
Linda S Kemp1966Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Greg Kemp1993Faculty Support
Teresa (Tracy) Knight1995General Fund
Jane Alexander Krause1967Faculty Support
Marcella Lamar1984Palmer Society Endowed Scholarship
David Lappin1995Scholarships
Sydney LaRose1985General Fund
Clayton Lau 1995Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Sabrina Lee1996Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Roxie M. Lee1973Scholarships
Margaret Annelle Lerner1980Scholarships
Sarah LimaBA ’03, MA ’08Palmer Society Endowed Scholarship
Janis L Liu1977Scholarships
Doug Locker1979Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Arthur Peter Lombardi1964Lancer Endowed Scholarship 
Bethany Longaker 1996Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Debbie Rose Lopez1984Residence Hall Improvement Fund
Leigha Lucas1999Palmer Society Endowed Scholarship
Linda Lukas1976Scholarships
Cameron Lynch1987Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Bonnie MacEwan1972Library 
Todd and Terri Macy1975Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Caroline Madrid StaffGeneral Fund
Jason Manalili2013Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Christine L Mangrich1980Residence Hall Improvement Fund
David B. Mann1993General Fund
Chris Martin1994General Fund
Julie Rytand Martwick 1988Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Elise Marie Edson-McCaleb1995Residence Hall Improvement Fund
Joseph McCarthy1997William Penn Society Endowed Scholarship
Marcus Paredes & Jennifer McDonough1998Scholarships
Steven McGihon1983Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Kevin Columba McGlynn1993General Fund
Paul Dwaine McNulty 1976General Fund
Marcia MeyerdBA ’08, MA ’10General Fund
Deana (Shively) Miller1994Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Lynn Stephan Miller2001Residence Hall Improvement Fund
Teresa MolinaFriendPurple & Gold (Athletics)
Joe P. and Edna B. Moore Jr1973Stephen Gothold Memorial Fund
Laniesha Morris2016Scholarships
Danikka Giarratani Moses1994Scholarships
Laura Klein Mosqueda1979Athenian Scholarship Fund
Michael Muller2001General Fund
Marina Lisa Muñoz1982Athenian Scholarship Fund
Catherine (Katy) Murphy1976Faculty Support
Richard Murphy1984Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Chris Nagao2001William Penn Society Endowed Scholarship
Veronica W. Nagao2003Thalian Society endowment
Poonam R. Narewatt2013Fred Bergerson Endowed Scholarship Fund
Christine Reel Nelson1972Stephen Gothold Memorial Fund
Michael L. Nelson1995Lancer Endowed Scholarship 
Ronny Nevo2010Scholarships
David and Kathryn Nolte 1977General Fund
Darcie Desiree Olson1989General Fund
James ’59 and Marjorie ’61 Millikan Olson1959 and 1961Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Ellen Lorraine Smith O’Neill 1972Residence Hall Improvement Fund
Marilyn D. Otter1982Wherever it is needed the most
David C. PalmerStaffRuth B. Shannon Center for the Performing Arts
Toni Panetta1998Faculty Support
Gabriel Papa2011Ruth B. Shannon Center
Sarah Ashley Peel2010Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Michael S Pelly1986Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Dorothy Jean Pendleton 1978Athenian Scholarship Fund
Robert James Pendleton 1977Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Katherine (Hunter) Perkins2005Faculty Support
Daisy Pinedo2001Residence Hall Improvement Fund
Linda PoochigianStaffStudent Emergency Fund
Amy Pulver1972Saving Wardman House from being sold; Various contributions to established scholarship endowment funds.
Lourdes M Ramboa1989Residence Hall Improvement Fund
Raquel Rasmussem1997Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Frank and Kathryn Remkiewicz1984 and 1972George Tenopir Scholarship Fund
Matthew David Remkiewicz2002George K. Tenopir Scholarship
Stacey Remkiewicz1977Thalian Society
Aisha Reynolre1998Residence Hall Improvement Fund
Catherine Anne RiccioFriendPurple & Gold (Athletics)
Rachel Homel Rice1996Faculty Support
Michael Thomas Rizzo1979General Fund
Elizabeth Power RobisonStaffFred Bergerson Endowed Scholarship Fund
Margarita Ronquilllo FriendScholarships
Andrea Marie Roy2002Residence Hall Improvement Fund
Megan Murphy Ruckman2002Scholarships
Drew Gorden Rydingsword1995General Fund
Kimberly Sanchez 2006Thalian Society
Carlos Salazar2008Scholarships
Andrew R. Schlabs2002Residence Hall Improvement Fund
Kristine and Chris Schoemann1987Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Edward Louis Schoenberg1974Dr. Treser Scholarship Fund
Brett and Linda Schraeder1995 and 1996Scholarships
Richard L SchraederFriendPurple & Gold (Athletics)
Chris Seibert1991Scholarships
Keristofer David Seryani1998General Fund
Geoffrey C. Shepard1966General Fund
Michael Shonborn1979Residence Hall Improvement Fund
William A. Shonborn1965General Fund
Tony Signoret1990General Fund
Janice SmithFriendRemoval of Obre
Jennifer Smith2007Palmer Society Endowed Scholarship
Marilyn Carne-Smith1972Science Center
Tyisha Marie Smith 2002Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Morgan Smith1994Faculty Support
Vicki Smith1992General Fund
Paul Norman Sorrell1983General Fund
Suzanne Klein Steele1974Faculty Support
Corinne Pehrson Stover1952Ionian Society Scholarship Fund
Louise StoverFriendGeneral Fund
Polly Ganong Strahan1972General Fund
Nancy Heustis Studebaker1972General Fund
Thomas Earl Sweetser1976Residence Hall Improvement Fund
Dan K. Tarquin1989Franklin Scoiety Scholarship
Tia Teves2008Residence Hall Improvement Fund
Lynne Klein Therriault 1962Faculty Support
Jennifer Trempe-Thomas1995Faculty Support
Brenda R. Thompson2012Scholarships
Sue (Sioux) Ann Thompson 1975General Fund
Gordon L. Topper2000Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Tim Karl TraegerFriendRuth B. Shannon Center
Arthur Richard Trueblood1960Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Sheldon B. Tuck1995Scholarships
LeeAnn Bon Tyler 1976Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Jaimis Ulrich2015Transfer students 
Denise Wong Velasco2013Faculty Support
Christine Volden1995General Fund
Annette Van WagnerFriendResidence Hall Improvement Fund
Lori Bridda Wakie1995Metaphonian Society Endowed Scholarship
Cynthia Walser2000Residence Hall Improvement Fund
Janet Wheeler1989Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Stacy Jean Whisler 1989Residence Hall Improvement Fund
Kathleen Anne Whitaker BA ’96, MA ’98Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Carla Bushnell White1975General Fund
Kristin WibergStaffFaculty Support
Jessica Will2005Palmer Society Endowed Scholarship
David E Willette 1991General Fund
Rian Windsheimer1996Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Kathy WinklerFriendScholarships
Cheri Snyder Workman1976Palmer Society Endowed Scholarship
Leanora L Wright1978General Fund
Jeanne Margette Yamashiro1989General Fund
Christine (Morgan) and Ian Yates1992 and 1999General Fund
Tina and Brian Yates1996 and 1997Scholarships
Kelly Kisting Young2007Purple & Gold (Athletics)
Robert and Christine (Whaling) Yowell1991 and 1996Scholarships

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