Whittier College Board of Trustees

Section 1.1. Members: Number and Qualifications.

Amended and Restated. Adopted by the Board of Trustees on May 12, 2022.Amended and Restated. Adopted by the Board of Trustees on November 6, 2015.
The Board of Trustees may consist of not less than twenty (20) nor more than thirty (30) persons. Each Trustee shall be dedicated to guiding the College and carrying out its mission, respecting its long history of excellence, and the traditions informed by our Quaker founding with an eye to the current needs, responsibilitites, and obligations of the College as an institution in an ever-changing world. The Board will strive to include at least one alumnus or alumna of the College and/or the former Law School.The Board of Trustees shall consist of not less than twenty-one (21) nor more than forty (40) persons dedicated to guiding the College and respectful of its mission, long history of excellence, and the traditions informed by our Quaker founding.

Email Addresses to “Copy & Paste”

Executive Committee

Ronald R. Gastelum ’68
Former President
Water Conservation Partners, Inc.
Rolling Hills Estates, CA
Board Chair
(elected May 2023)
Term: 2023-
Alan Lund, ’71
Retired CFO
Int’l. Lease Finance Corporation
Jackson, WY
Treasurer and Vice Chair; Chair, Debt & Asset Evaluation Committee
Term: 2000-2020; (Chair, 2014-2017); 2021-
Yvonne Romero da Silva
Vice President for Enrollment
Rice University
Houston, TX
Secretary and Vice Chair
Term: 2019-
Fred Anderson, ’66
Managing Director and Co-Founder
Elevation Partners
San Francisco, CA
Chair, Innovation & New Ventures Committee
Term: 2013-
Jascha Kaykas-Wolf, ’98
San Francisco, CA
Chair, Advancement Committee 
Term: 2017-
Richard Lichtenstein, P’16
Marathon Communications
Los Angeles, CA
Chair, Investment Committee
Term: 2017-
Francisco Rodriguez
LA Community College District
Los Angeles, CA
Chair, Academic Affairs Committee
Term: 2020-
Kenya Williams, JD’10
Trademark Enforcement Counsel Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
Carlsbad, CA
Chair, Governance Committee
Term: 2016-2019 Pro Tem; 2019-
VacantChair, Audit Committee
VacantChair, Finance Committee
VacantChair, Student Success and Enrollment Committee


Harold Allen, ’84
Harold Allen Insurance Services
Los Angeles, CA
Term: 2020-heajr50@gmail.com
Christina Bouchot
Partner, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP
Whittier, CA
Term: 2022-Christinaqbouchot@gmail.com
Michael L. Brown, ’79
Hyundai of Moreno Valley
Moreno Valley, CA
Term: 2021-Mbrownwc24@aol.com
Erin J. Clancy, ’07
Public Policy Manager
Strategic Response Team, Meta
Newport Beach, CA
Term: 2022-eclancy9@gmail.com
Tiffany Dean ’97
Director of Board Strategy and Engagement
Mercy Corps
Tucson, AZ
Term: 2023-tiffanymariadean@gmail.com
Richard I. Gilchrist ’68
Chairman of the Board
Spirit Realty Capital, Inc.
Dana Point, CA
Term*: 2023-

* Trustee Emeritus; served as Chair from 2003-2011
Lisabeth Harris-Marziello ’87
Co-President/CEO, Boys & Girls Club of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA
Term: 2023-marziellokids6@gmail.com
Lila Laviano ’03
Founder of Housing for Us All and Erna Enterprises
South Pasadena, CA
Term: 2023-lilawiggs@gmail.com
Raquel Torres-Retana ’91
Dean, Rosemead and Northwest Campuses and Educational Partnerships
Pasadena City College
Pasadena, CA
Term: 2023-rtorresretana@pasadena.edu
Vincent E. Vigil, ’02
AVP of Student Affairs
and Dean of Students
California State University, Fullerton (CSUF)
Los Angeles, CA
Term: 2021-wcalumniassociation@whittier.edu
Stephanie Wiggins, ’92
LA County Metro
Los Angeles, CA
Term: 2020-northstarsw@gmail.com

Resignations since January 1, 2023

Yuki Hayashi, P’10
CEO and President of Osato International Inc.
2010-2023Resigned in January 2023
Christopher T. Cross, ’62
Chairman Emeritus, FourPoint Education Partners
“Suspended” by Board; Resigned in February 2023
Barbara Ondrasik Groce, ’57
Philanthropist and Community Leader
(Hiatus in 2013-2014;
“Suspended” by Board; Resigned in February 2023
Leda (Mintzer) Muller, ’88
Chief Information Security and Privacy at Stanford University, Residential and Dining Enterprises
2020-2023Resigned during FIRST TERM in March 2023; former Chair, Audit Committee
Anne O’Donnell, P’18
Senior Executive Director, Corporate Relations at UC San Diego
2020-2023Resigned during FIRST TERM in March 2023
Mei-lan Stark, ’89
Executive Vice President and Chief Counsel, Intellectual Property at NBC Universal
2022-2023Resigned during FIRST TERM in March 2023
Shveta Mujumdar
SVP, Corporate Development at Intuit
2021-2023Resigned during FIRST TERM in March 2023
Bharat Patel, P’16
President, Castle Inn Inc.
2018-2023Resigned during SECOND TERM in April 2023
Miguel A. Santana, ’91
President & CEO, Weingart Foundation
2016-2019 (pro tem); 2019-2023Resigned as Board Chair in February 2023; Resigned from Board during THIRD TERM in May 2023
Tim Yamauchi
Principal, Inside the Mountain Consulting
2019-2023 (Treasurer and Chair of Finance)Resigned during SECOND TERM in May 2023
Matt Knight
Partner, Clocktower Partners
2020-2023 (Chair of Audit)Did not stand for re-election at conclusion of FIRST TERM
Meghan Morrissey, P’16
2018-2023 (Chair of Student Success and Enrollment)Resigned during SECOND TERM in May 2023


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