Statement of No Confidence in President Linda Oubré

We, the alumni & friends of Whittier College, respectfully sign this ‘Statement of No Confidence’ in the leadership of President Linda Oubré. Her presidency has been marked by dereliction of duty in maintaining the quality and reputation of undergraduate education, poor financial management, and failure to advance the mission of the college. A campus climate governed by fear and intimidation has led to low morale which has caused a dramatic attrition of faculty, staff and students. We believe the only course of action is the immediate removal of President Linda Oubré from office and to select a new president who is better equipped to lead the college, adhere to the practice of shared governance, defend academic freedom and free speech, and honor the College’s Quaker heritage through a commitment to community, diversity, and finding common ground.



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A full change in the college’s leadership, with a renewed focus on its Quaker roots, feels like the only way it will truly be saved.
A President who has a background in educational institutions, not solely business, is essential at Whittier. As an alumni of Whittier I will no longer financially or morally support the policies and direction that Ms Oubre is taking the college.
Absolutely unqualified to lead any organization. It is mind boggling how she achieved such success elsewhere. Our community simply deserves better. Sadly, this will cost our college dearly since she will sue.
After having a daughter attend Whittier College and watching what it has become is such a disgrace to all.
All of the measures of performance for the President show failure. Therefore, another person should be selected for the job. – Allan Zolnekoff, Former Mayor of Whittier
All this makes me very sad after spending 25 1/2 years working at Whittier College, receiving my degree there and my son being an alum as well. My 3 children practically grew up on this campus going to sports camp every summer as well as my granddaughter. We used to consider Whittier College as our home away from home, but no more. All of our fond memories have been tainted by the current leadership and state of the College. All we are left with is sadness now.
Although from my first meeting with President Oubré I had doubts about her understanding the nature of a liberal arts college (Harvard Business School is not good preparation for such a position), I nonetheless feel that the greatest criticism should be directed to the Board of Trustees, which over decades has failed to raise the kind of money one expects from such a group.  (Look at the amounts given by Board members as reported on the College’s last financial report–it is appalling.  Moreover, two of the Trustees who gave the most were subsequently suspended from the Board!)  We need people on the Board who will both give substantial amounts and bring in well-heeled new trustees who understand the nature of a liberal arts college. Somebody needs to get hustling and find us a $50 million gift!
Although she may have had good intentions, the current state of the college is devastating to those of us who love the school. 
As a local historian and graduate of a small college in California, it pains me to see Whittier College struggling with its very identity and primary purpose of educating our local population. Whittier has always prided itself on diversity and openness. It is so clear that the current President is merely using the platform of diversity and inclusion for her own personal gain, while alienating former, current, and potential future students. She and her family are personally profiting from her position and nationwide media campaign while the college is dwindling and might not be able to recover. The troubles at Whittier have nothing to do with hiring a more diverse leadership, but the current administration will claim that any pushback is from deep-set racism that is uncomfortable with change. This is a nonsensical narrative for a school as historically diverse as Whittier. Colleges around the country are struggling with these narratives, even as they post alumni news showing diversity in action for decades and the coming together of minds that is what a college is supposed to harbor. What is most alarming is how quickly this Harvard Business School-educated woman has been able to denounce all that Whittier has done for 100 years on a made-up premise and how that soundbite has been repeated as an accomplishment while the actual job she has been hired to do is not being done and her record is in fact abysmal. Please, Whittier alumni and friends, stand up for your institution! You play such an important role in the community and in Southern California and must protect that! Your professors are not earning retirement? Your dorms have been opened to students from outside of the Whittier community and less Whittier students are living in them? The dorms are not in safe condition? Athletic programs are being cut on false premises of student safety while other programs with similar concerns remain open, and while those sports remain at most schools and serve such an important purpose? There is no presence from your college at local high school college fairs and your online presence is either non-existant or negative. Such a rich history can not be so degraded when you have such outstanding materials to back up your concerns. I have read all of the materials on the Alumni & Friends pages and was astounded at how thoroughly and clearly you present your information. I also sent it to administration at my own California college because they too are at risk if this type of leadership is brought on. As an alumna of four colleges and universities across the U.S., I can tell you that you are not alone in this problem. Each of the schools I have attended are starting to tout more and more DEI procedures and hires without being able to show how those individuals or programs are specifically addressing needs and what experience they have that made the changes necessary. Who cares if you have a President who went to Harvard Business School when the business she then did was start a teeth-whitening program? When she herself is now participating in gross nepotism even as she replaces leadership in the name of providing more opportunities and representation. Your population numbers are very clear and it would serve your institution far better if your leadership reflected the students actually enrolled and the nearby population living around Whittier. Anything else is creating a falsehood that your institution simple cannot stand on, much less thrive. I wish you all luck and will be following closely!
As a longtime Whittier resident and parent of a Poet, I am dismayed at the state of WC under the leadership of President Linda Oubre.
As a native Whittier resident I would hate to see the college close down. It needs better guidance. 
As a past editor of the QC, I noticed the absence of student opinion regarding the present situation. This sealed my No Confidence vote.
As a proud alumna I am heart broken seeing the direction the President Oubré is taking Whittier College. I believe that we need an overhaul of leadership to restore WC.
As an alum and former WC Board Member, I have always had the utmost love and affection for Whittier College, but lately have been shocked and appalled by Oubre’s nepotistic and racist actions. It is the positive words and good actions by alumni and staff that keep a college afloat, not to mention millions in financial support by alums and other donors. However, since Oubre’s hiring, Whittier has suffered devastating losses in all of these areas. A direct result of her damaging actions in the last few years, and a belief that staff, Board Members and Alumni are not integral in the ongoing success of the college.  Whittier College and its Societies have had a grand and impactful history, not just in SoCal, but also in US history. What a terrible shame that one unqualified and arrogant person can/has destroyed the wonderful and unique place that Whittier College has held within the small college sphere for over 100 years – truly a shame.  Oubre must leave so that like a Phoenix, good ‘ol WC can rise again in the ranks of one of the best Colleges in the nation!
As an alum, former student- athlete, and former athletics department staff member, I believe the removal of President Oubré is tenement to the survival of the college.
As an an Alum of the class of 1997 I support the vote of no Confidence against president Linda Oubre.
As an alumna I have been seeking a connection with my alma mater for years now. I am a first generation college graduate and I will always treasure my Whittier College experience. However, seemingly since the current leadership came into office, news of Whittier College has dwindled, we no longer receive the Rock magazine, and it just feels like there is no desire to connect with alumni outside of social media, which some of us are not consistently on. Whittier is missing out on hundreds (and probably thousands) of dollars worth of alumni support each year (mine included) and to read recent comments from Oubre that suggest that our dollars don’t matter because we’re not major givers is not only disheartening but also appalling and classist, which is mind-blowing coming from someone who purportedly is such a strong proponent of EDI. Ever since Sharon Herzberger left it feels like Whittier College has slipped off the map.
As an alumnus of Whittier College, it breaks my heart to hear (and I have heard) really nothing good coming from Whittier for many years.  My friend, an administrator at the college said years ago to me, “This is a dark place.”  It’s sad.  I contrast that with the graduate degree that I received from Biola University whose reputation has only grown in the years since I graduated.  I hope the Board of Trustees will understand their role and do their job.
As the grandson of two distinguished alumni I am appalled at the direction and lack of leadership with the current Board of Trustees and the current President.
As the parent of a current student, I’m asking the president to please do the right thing and step down. As parents, we tell our children we all make mistakes but we learn from them and move on. Dr. Oubre please take this same advice. I’m sure you had good intentions but it’s clearly going in the wrong direction. Be brave, put your pride aside, accept the responsibility and move on.
At this point, it’s clear that the school and community don’t have trust in President Oubre’s leadership. She needs to step down for the sake of the community being able to move on and heal from this tumultuous chapter in the College’s history.
Attending Whittier College 2000-2004 felt like such a diverse, inclusive, wonderful experience. So much so I came back for a MA in education. When the numbers cannot lie and they coincide with the president’s timeline, it’s time to cut the cord. SAVE OUR SCHOOL!!!
Bring back the sports that were cut.  Makes no sense
Can’t believe the Trustees are not listening to Alumni & Friends & responding to simple correspondence. The eventual closure or sale of the college to another institution is on your shoulders.
Change is necessary to preserve Whittier College’s standards and history.
Changes need to be made expeditiously if there’s any hope for a Whittier college in the future.
Completely radical leftist ideology to cancel sports programs that foster cohesion and student spirit.  But I guess that is the point. 
Current a future students deserve better.
Cutting the only NCAA eligible lacrosse program on the west cost along with a football program that helps kids that may not have the best chance to go to school get an opportunity and the golf program where a few years prior not long ago we had a student in the tournament every year is beyond outrageous she needs to be taken down and someone with the understanding that schools flourish through athletics and Greek life needs to come in and revive this school.
Decisions made are very bad for the continuation and success of Whittier
Disappointed with the way the president is leading the school and have no confidence this president can save Whittier College.
Disturbed with the new leadership or lack of at WC. We need a new administration that cares about WC and the students faculty and alumni.
Don’t agree with the leadership and direction Whittier is headed . Would love to see a change.
Don’t let this historical college collapse as it has been doing so. Pres. Oubre poor decisions and lack of leadership have failed it, and her refusal to acknowledge it is jeopardizing this institution. Small colleges are the diamonds to many cities. Whittier College can again be one such gem. K.M. AlarId, Class of 1980
Eliminating  sports  cost  thousands  of  dollars of donations. The manner in which that was done was unprofessional and  disprectful to all alumni.  Zero interest and engagement with the Societies on campus,  remain the bedrock of this institution. She is more interesting in spreading “Woke” ideology, which in and of itself has exlcuded many past and present students. Whittier has turned  into a commuter school.
Everyday I watch the college devolve more. This needs to stop not only for the students but for the sake of the college.
Failing facilities and students will not be the end of you, the relationships shes burned or scorned will
For numerous reasons, this should be a “for cause” termination so that Oubre cannot claim any additional compensation or severance. 
Get her out! she is destroying education and our community!
Get rid of Oubre. Nothing but bad things have happened since she took over. Whittier was the time of my live, it’s only fair that new students get the same experience.
Get someone passionate about college athletics.
Her goals are definitely not for the good of the college. Way too obvious to have any confidence in her at all!
Her seemingly nepotism and racist comments do not uphold the Whittier College values or image. It is my love and fondness for Whitter College that keeps me contributing, revisiting, and promoting Whitter College to the students that I teach. Several of my former students are Whittier College grads. I truly hate to say this, but if Oubre doesn’t go, I myself and my other Whittier colleagues will. Bring back the Whitter College that we all know and love.
I am a Graduate, ’56, Athlete, Football and Track, member of The Orthogonian Society, have a Master Degree, part time Instructor and four year Football coach at Whittier. You have turned your back on a very important part of the Whittier story. Our history is what makes us great.
I am an alumnus of Whittier College where I played football & graduated with a B.A. in Sociology, Physical Education, & Athletics) with 39-years of expertise. I also have a Master of Administration from Azusa Pacific University.
I am appalled at this news of Whittier College, I graduated in 1967 and was an educator with Los Angeles School District for 39 years and was always amazed at how well I was prepared to be a teacher by Whittier Collge.
I am both an alumna of Whittier College and a former staff member. Whittier College helped make me who I am today. I owe so much to the faculty and staff who guided me and countless others through the years. I am in regular communication with current and recently departed faculty and staff. I have heard nothing but stories of frustration and concern. Please, do what is needed to save this gem of an institution for future generations to experience.
I am deeply saddened that the current leadership is going to kill of Whittier College.
I am disturbed by the decision-making of the current leadership. Eliminating sports teams discourages many students from wanting to attend Whittier College. Selling the Wardman House does not solve financial problems and eliminates long time traditions. The turnover of trustees and staff illustrate major red flags that cannot be dismissed with rhetoric. When I attended Whittier College, there was a feeling of inclusiveness. Some of the current practices appear divisive rather than inclusive. The concerns expressed by alumni, students, and others has discouraged me from recommending Whittier College as a place to pursue higher education.
I am embarrassed at the direction Whittier is heading under the leadership of Linda Oubre
I am profoundly saddened by my alma mater’s precipitous decline under the Oubre regime.
I am sad to see parts of Whittier College being sold off, sports programs closed, and a general disrespect to Whittier College Alumni. The Whittier College experience is based on so much more than money. I do not believe that Oubre understands that Whittier College is the ‘spark (the starting point for so many of us) that lights the fire for a community of learners’ – and WC inspires us the graduates that go out into world to share, teach and implement change in the world. Protect Whittier College! 
I am sad to see the college suffer under Oubre’s poor leadership.
I am saddened to learn of the current condition of Whittier College.  I would love to see Whittier restored to its former excellence.
I am shocked at what is going on. The comments made by the president. Having Zoom meetings with no interaction with attendees. The outright lies told. Taking credit for the McKenzie grant. Making poor financial decisions to cut sports that bring in students – leading to declining enrollment. The lack of foresight. The strong arm tactics to shut down any dissent. Spending $4m on online classes that anyone can take on YouTube for free. Why not take the $4m and fix up the dorms to entice enrollment? Terrible leadership! She lied and said she had to cancel the in person meeting due to death threats – no report to police. She is hardly on campus and hired her unqualified son. Outrageous shocking! I love WC and she has no idea why WC was great. Please remove her. Pay her off – what will it take.
I am so sad and confused at what is happening to my beloved Alma Mater.  For years I have served as a Class Agent, a member of the Alumni Association as well as a member of the Student Recruitment Committee.  Alumni have always been an integral part of the fabric of Whittier College and our input was always respectfully listened to and honored…until now.
I am surprised, sad, and concerned to learn of these recent developments. As a former faculty member in the 1970s, I strongly urge the Board of Trustees to terminate this president and replace her with a scholar-president who respects the College’s tradition and future as a liberal arts institution. If this is not done, it appears the College will lose the last shred of its good reputation, and it is likely collapse. Please do not let this happen.
I am very disappointed in the direction of the college, something has to change, and it Hass to begin at the top.
I attended one webinar and have read several letters.  I still have no feel for the vision the Administration has for Whittier and what their long term strategy is for achieving that vision.  This would not be an issue if things were going well, but they are not. Perhaps if the alumni could have access to the current detailed, formal, written long term strategic plan that is guiding actions the Administration is taking, much of the alumni concern could be alleviated. To President Oubre, can that be done?
I attended Whittier College for two years. 1998-2000. These were two of the best years of my life. I hope others have a similar experience. Go Poets.
I believe that Linda Oubré is not qualified to be president of an institution of higher learning. She has shown she cares not for the college community nor for its traditions. Her continued leadership will doom Whittier College to fail.
I do not feel that the college will survive if Linda Oubre and her administration remains at the helm of the college.
I do not know enough to vote one way or another, but obviously after reading this article, I am very concerned.  I would like to be kept up to date on what is going on.  Thank you.
I do not recognize my college. Something is very wrong.
UPDATE: Changed my mind. I feel comfortable voting no confidence now.

I do not think the President and this Executive Board of Trustees’ leadership is unsalvageable, and I do believe they have good intentions.  I choose to believe in the President and Board’s representations, and thus believe some good has been done by this group for the college, particularly with regard to DEI.  I do not vote either way, because I have also heard or seen things that raise concern, but I do not have all the facts and am not convinced any issues cannot be resolved.  However, I will say the perception I have gathered of the President and Board from watching or reading transcripts of discussions and reading return communications on the Save Whittier site is not great, frankly some seem to have distain for or disinterest in Whittier and it’s community.  I highly doubt that is reality, but that is the perception that comes across.  I would recommend the Board consider its perception (in addition to working with those raising concerns on paths to resolution of concerns – you have a lot of free help available), because, as they say in the business/product world, “perception is reality.”
I have absolutely no confidence in Linda Oubre.
I have been following all the developments at Whittier College with great interest. I care deeply for this institution, and have become convinced that the only way for Whittier to move forward is through a change in leadership.
I have heard nothing but terrible news and info in regards to Whittier college since President Oubre took over.
I have no confidence in Whittier college president
I have watched this school go downhill through her leadership.
I am heartbroken to see what Whittier College has become, under President Linda Oubre. Blaming it on Covid is simply an excuse for mismanagement, at best.
I just hope it’s not too late.
I knew that something was amiss when football was scrapped. Oubre must go.
I know another alumnae who worked at the same university that she did. She created chaos there as well.
I still harbor fond memories of my time at Whittier, but what is happening today breaks my heart and precludes any thought of further support for the college i once loved.
I was a Spanish instructor at WC for a brief period of time in the late 80s. I am deeply concerned for the future of WC.
I will not donate another penny until there is a change of leadership at WC
I’m signing this letter to restore leadership and tradition back at Whittier. As an alum, I am grossly disappointed to see the direction the current President is taking and asking her to resign immediately.
I’ve asked during several town halls for them to share the data to back up the cancelling of sports programs. I’ve asked for specifics on their 5 year strategic enrollment mgmt plans to be shared publicly with alum. I have asked how they plan to compete with CSUs for transfer students and if Whittier was making partnerships with the CA community colleges to honor ADT/AAT similar to CSUs. I’ve never received an answer to these inquiries and I have zero faith President Oubre knows the answers. I cannot as a 26 year professional in higher education and a Whittier alum stand by and watch the current President ruin our beloved college.
I’ve volunteered for years and worked tirelessly to build an endowed scholarship to serve current students across two administrations. I have always felt I was a welcome part of the community until this administration. Since Oubre’s tenure, I’ve gone months without answers to questions about the fund’s status and disbursements were delayed in payment by several months. When it was paid, the rationale felt weak but couldn’t be disputed. Since then, it has gotten worse. Not only do I not feel partnership, I do not feel any trust is warranted in what I am being told from the current administration. The fact that she has alienated and shutout members of the community – faculty, staff, alumni, and trustees who I have partnered with and who trust completely, speaks volumes. Oubre has exploited the pandemic to exclude the alumni community in unimaginable ways and used it to excuse failures in recruitment and student/faculty engagement. Compared to other institutions, Whittier can and should be doing better. When held to account, the deflection and bizarre accusations towards devoted alumni with legitimate criticisms are disappointing responses. This administration is a failure. I have no confidence in its ability to lead the institution or to work in a manner consistent with its historic mission and values.
If the B of T can’t see what she has been doing to the college since her hiring, they too need to be removed from their positions. As a fellow alumnus, I understand that with time, things change. However, her “vision of change” of what Whittier a college should be, is based on a singular ideology, which has only created more divide at the school within the student body, faculty, alumni and supporters of the college.  And furthermore, IMO, her actions of implementing this vision reek of racism and genderism, as she panders solely to a small minority who only align and wholly support her, regardless of any harm it may cause. These traits are not of a leader, but of a dictator.
I’m an alum & the brother of an alum (who was MVP of “The Shoes” game in ’67!) I graduated with High Honors and was selected for Omicron Delta Kappa, later serving as its faculty advisor when I was an adjunct in Theatre, including directing many plays. And I served in the Admissions Office for 20 years. In all these roles but especially the latter, I experienced the best of Whittier College and the worst. The best includes having a hand in recruiting two eventual Rhodes Scholars (both from out-of-state) and contributing to the formation of Whittier’s softball and lacrosse teams. The worst was being ringside eyewitness to – and victim of – Oubre’s incompetency and venality. She has probably already done irreparable damage to WC but if there’s any hope at all for resuscitation, she must be replaced ASAP. With all my perspective and experience I know a LOT about her misdeeds. How can I help? 
In addition to be an alumna, I am also a former Broadoaks teacher.
In disbelief with how the current college administration is running this great school into the ground.
In the 1970’s the enrollment was almost 4,000 students.  This college has lost it’s way.
It has become increasingly clear to me that President Oubré does not have the experience, skills, motivation, or understanding to lead Whittier College.  She exhibits no understanding of Quaker values, engagement with the Whittier College community, or willingness to learn.  She is taking the Board down a path that will result in the demise of our beloved alma mater.  There are multiple ways to move the college FORWARD in dignity, with respect for the history of the college, and yet make it an organization that can prepare a diverse student body for the demands of the present and future. 
It has been heartbreaking watching Whittier College being destroyed by President Linda Oubre. Remove her immediately please and begin the process of rebuilding.
It is clear that President Oubre’s leadership has been inadequate and highly detrimental. She has pushed alumni away and has done what appears to be irreversible damage to the schools academic, athletic and social infrastructure, killing the momentum build from President Herzburgers’ tenure. Whittier College would be wise to seek new leadership.
It is clear that we are not given a true picture regarding Whittier College financial status
It is disheartening to hear the the current leadership of Whittier college is so disconnected from what the college stands for at heart. The President does not address the concerns of the alumni in any meaningful manner and has failed to show any long term plan that will lead the college in the right direction. As a former student athlete, a Master’s Degree holder and member of the last football team that won two SCIAC championships, I would not recommend any future student or student athlete to Whittier until current leadership has departed such that opportunities given to me would also be provided to any recommendation I would make.
It is of paramount importance to ‘Save Whittier College’ and return it to the healthy, thriving college that existed for so many years – before it’s too late.
It is shameful that Linda Oubre’ has put her own interests above those of the college.  It is also a tragedy that the Board of Trustees is going along with this farce.  Please consider the good of the students, faculty, alumni and friends of the college.  Take action to find a common ground and resolve this path to destruction.
It is time for a leadership change. I ask you to make that decision and make it immediately.
It is USC’s investigative journalism (LA Times 3/30) that leads me to express no confidence in President Oubre’s leadership for Whittier College. I have not seen her building on strengths from former leaderships.  Changing direction is not advancing the College. 
It is very sad that I have to take this survey.
It is very unfortunate that we Poets find ourselves in this sad position. The Board of Trustees needs to take action to save our alma mater.
It’s been very disappointing to read about the current state of the school. Dropping the sports programs was very sad!
It’s tragic that my alma mater is heading towards financial collapse. Too many poor decisions and mismanagement of funding .
It was such a welcoming environment for so long. So 💔
It will be quite embarrassing having graduated from a college that no longer exists. That is the direction we’re currently headed if Oubre remains in power. What a sad state of affairs for a once proud institution.
Just made aware of direction of College. Leadership in President office must be done.
Let’s be practical, not personal. 1. Enrollment has declined every year since the President has been there. [Yes it began before her arrival but has continued and increased in velocity under her “guidance”]; 2. Cancelling Football, Lacrosse and Golf removed approximately 125 students (roughly $7 million in revenue per year, for the stated reason of saving costs of $650,000 per year) without any plan on how to replace them; 3. Selling Wardman House? How does someone with a business degree from Harvard fail to understand that you don’t sell fixed assets to pay short term debt. It’s a basic business school maxim.
Let’s change leadership & make this school great again. Lacrosse needs to be brought back.
Linda Oubre has adversely affected Whittier College.
Linda Oubre should be removed. She is not fit to run Whittier College.
My Alma mater is slowly being run into the ground. It is shameful. Change needs to happen.
My concerns regarding my alma mater have to do with the far-leftist, woke, Social Justice Warrior, LGBTQI+ agenda that is being perpetuated in the curriculum. See my Letter to the Editor in the Winter 2020 digital edition of “The Rock.” As I wrote in my piece, my worldview wouldn’t be tolerated as a Conservative and historic Christian like it was during my days as a student from 1980-84. Many of the alumni that I’ve contacted share the same viewpoint.
My dad was Dr. Richard B. Harvey (1960-2000) and would be turning over in his grave if he wasn’t in an urn.
My family attended that beautiful institution and I considered sending my daughter but based on the instability and miss management, we went with another private Southern Ca based institution. Sad
My family has attended and supported Whittier College for three generations. President Oubre’s actions have proven she is not capable of repairing the damage sustained in her term. To save this historic institution and regain the trust of the alumni and student bodies, it is time to elect a more qualified leader.
My father, Hubert C Perry, would be devastated to hear about the current state of affairs. Please bring people in who can right the ship! Whittier College deserves better. Thank you.
My godson left Whittier College after the fall semester of his sophmore year.  He felt isolated and unsupported at the college with too few classmates on campus to foster friendships and feelings of community.  Tangential but of impact to Whittier is his family’s history of philanthropy with buildings donated at Vassar, etc.  I share this as illustrative of how today’s inattention to student needs becomes tomorrow’s lost opportunity for meaningful financial support.
My husband graduated 1992 class.
My son is a WC Graduate (92).  Hoping for a brighter future with a change of direction.
My son played men’s Lacrosse at Whittier college. The coach of the men’s lacrosse team at the time my son started at the school in fall 2018 was refurbishing the Men’s lacrosse locker room. It was a state of the art locker room. It was used for seasons 2019 through 2023. At my son’s graduation in Spring 2022, President Oubre did not shake the hands of the graduates during the commencement. We had just been to the graduation at CSUSM and the President shook the graduates hands individually after they received their diplomas, and was engaged during the graduation. President Oubre sat next to a friend, talked with the friend during the graduation while the students received their diplomas. She even got up and left the procession with her friend for a girl’s potty break. My sister who is a longtime Professor at two universities, attends the graduations every year at her universities, and attended the CSUSM and Whittier college graduations couldn’t believe President Oubre was so disengaged during the graduation. Linda Oubre showed no respect for the students graduating!  
New leadership is needed ASAP.
No leadership and does not know how to run a business
No transparency and lies seem to permeate our country these days. It’s shameful to see what has happened to our college in the past four and one-half years as we sell-out to the mantra ” We need to make changes to embrace and include DEI principles.” This is one way to victimize our administration, faculty and students.
Other small colleges in California are taking note of the hard financial times and removing Presidents and administrative members unable to address needs while maintaining the very elements of their worth. As a local historian and compliance consultant I implore Whittier to find qualified leadership aligned to its values.
Oubre’s administration is catastrophic and is bringing damage to Whittier College and might even drive it out of business. Her incompetence, arrogance and nepotism contribute to the toxic atmosphere at the college. While she claims the college is not diverse, it has historically been very diverse. That is one of the hallmarks of the college. It is inconceivable that the Trustees don’t seem to have the will and courage to send her packing. They must do this immediately, in order to save the college.
Our beloved institution is unrecognizable and it is a damn shame. Everything from the societies to alumni participation is in ruins.
Please do the right thing and be responsible by stepping down. Under your leadership the College has taken a direction that we do not approve of and is deeply concerning. The values we have held so dear and the reason we chose Whittier have been eroded. This is evident for all by the staff and student decline. It is now a place that people no longer want to be.
Please leave Whittier College and allow this campus to flourish.
Please remove her immediately and locate someone to continue the purpose of WC.
President Linda Oubfre must step down immediately
President Oubre along with the entire senior administration has failed to demonstrate the competency necessary to successfully administer Whittier.  The lack of demnstrable research to support the the poor decisions made, the constant denigration of Whittier College, the failed and wholly inadequate response to the accreditation review, and the lack of any progress on the original goals and objectives set by the Board of Trustees should be more than  sufficient evidence to terminate the contracts of President Linda Oubre and the entire senior executive staff.
President Oubre and her Board of Trustees are ineffective, over-promising and under performing, and not any good at handling the business of running Whittier College.
President Oubre does not seem to be aware of how precarious Whittier’s situation is.  Her decisions are destroying college’s sources of funding and are short-sighted.  Her actions have destroyed the board of trustees’ authority and standing; previously it was a primary source of support for the administration of the college and a critical link between students, faculty, alumni, and administration.
President Oubre has failed Whittier in so many areas and if there is any chance of saving this College, she has got to go.
President Oubre is an embarrassment to the traditions and values of our beloved institution. She has diminished its standing, alienated alumni, and corrupted its board. Her divisive brand of identity politics and nepotism are an affront to a college with a rich tradition of being “inclusive” before the term became trendy in use. She is more interested in achieving her own socialist utopian goals than preserving the traditions of the college and stewarding it toward excellence in liberal arts education.
President Oubré is beyond unprofessional, trying to create a narrative of WC that is false from generations prior.  Her leadership has spiraled WC to the brink of no return, yet she continues to make contrary statements about financial stability. 
President Oubre is driving the school into the ground
Quaker principals cannot be undersold with her blatant lies and mismanagement at the helm. Our credibility and accreditation cannot be twisted under her misguided will.
Questionable direction and mismanagement Whittier college has no selling point outside of geography lack of investment in important parts of the school and who’s idea was it to pay for the walker statue that is the dumbest waste of money I have ever seen fix one of the many roof leaks or put that money to the professors not many stay long because of low pay
Remove Linda Oubre as president of Whittier College.
Removing programs and opportunities for students is not what represents Whittier College. I also just sold my company and will not be donating to Whittier while the current president and staff are in place. I am upset and sad about the state of the organization. The leadership seems to be completely self serving and nepotism seems to lead the installation of the people around the president…
Save our school.
Save Whittier!
Selling WC property is the worst thing that could be done. Property in LA area is valuable.  Equity is more valuable than short term cash in hand
She doesn’t belong being a leader in education.
She has defended herself with false accusations of racist threats and no proof of any actual plans to move forward. The obvious nepotism of hiring her son should be reason enough for her removal.
She has ruined the Campus
She is destroying our beloved college 😨😰😱
She is in the process of destroying Whittier College
She is the worst kind of leader. Ego driven, refuses to concede any fault of her own.
Signature of two Whittier College graduates.
Slow to hire, QUICK to fire!!!! We must move on and without haste from Ms. Oubre as our colleges leader
So sad to hear of the decline in my Alma Mater.
Take away her pen before she does anything worse until this is worked out
Thank you for fighting for Whittier College.
The Board of Trustees are equally responsible for this terrible “mess.”!!!
The College needs a new president who is active in the Whittier Community and makes decisions that are best for students and faculty at large.
The conditions of the dorms and the excuses for hiring friends and family are pretty appalling. Higher education is under incredible competitive pressures and having leadership stuck with such distractions prevents it from tackling the bigger challenges to possibly save the school.
The constant mantra of diversity, equity, and inclusion are harming the principles of Whittier College; the focus should be on promoting a strong liberal arts education focusing on sciences, mathematics, US History and its sources of liberties, western civilization history, IT, and literature
The evidence of a failed presidency is objectively clear and abundant. It is high time for a change in leadership for then benefit of all parties involved.
The LA Times article was terribly sad to read.
The LA Times story and now the problems with the Campus Inn. It’s time for a change.
The lack of transparency to the student athletes who joined the college only to have their futures compromised is a testament to the horrible job being done at Whittier College.
The lack of transparency, disregard for our history and traditions, and total lack of self-awareness or reflection as to the detrimental impact she is having on the Whittier College Community is destroying a once respected private College.  It is so sad to witness.
The need for new leadership is URGENT.
The present Board of Directors who support the president should also resign. They were the ones who hired her
The president is not being transparent with stakeholders. Understand things need some changing, but she is not the leader for the job.
The rapid decline of this school, that the current leadership seemingly manages to accelerate monthly, is of grave concern. There is no good news ever coming out of the institution – unless you gauge good news by how many woke points you managed to put on the board; however, a college or university is generally graded off enrollment, endowment and student performance after graduation, all of which seem to be going the wrong direction. Remove the folks holding the highest titles and replace them with actual leaders and managers, because what’s there now is neither.
The school has changed over the past few years. The Shannon Center used to present a Hawaiian concert series and many other well-received productions. Why this entertainment venue was shuttered makes no sense. I thought the President had other money-making ideas for the theatre, but she didn’t.
The sooner President Oubre resigns the better the College will be!!!
There is a need for a change in administration before the college is dragged down any further.  The presidents record is very disappointing.
This is a very sad time for our college.
This is the only way this beloved institution will be saved.
This may be a duplicate, buy I am doubly upset by this president’s “leadership” and her choices to try and “save” the school. Unacceptable!
This president has made Whittier College totally irrelevant. She needs to leave at once. Additionally, any trustees appointed by her should resign and be replaced by successful academics and business leaders who see the folly of so called diversity, equity and inclusion guidelines when picking our next leader.     If Whittier wants to be relevant again it needs to dump all the silly “woke” curriculum so widespread in colleges and universities and create an atmosphere that embraces free speech, supports free market economics and prepares our graduates to compete in an American oppurtunity society.
Time for shithead Linda Oubre to go!!!! I do not tell people that I went to Whittier or that Im in the Hall of Fame any more.
Time to get this college and athletics back to we’re it should be.
To ostracize and eliminate the programs that have made Whittier great over the years is not the act of a president. It’s the act of a tyrant.
Too numerous to list here.  I agree with everything shared on “Save Whittier College”.  Whipe out all forms of white privilege on the Poet campus?  What does that mean?  Clearly she is clueless as to Whittier’s leadership role in providing opportunities for African Americans and all people of color.  WC 101:  The school was founded by Quakers, the original abolitionists, named for a leading abolitionist who happened to be a poet.  The school is founded on the principles of concensus, yet she rules thru intimidation and threats, requiring loyalty pledges?  Completely out of touch, selling off properties, fiscal mismanagement.  Hiring her son for $100k?
Very disappointed in the damage she’s already done to the college.   She doesn’t share my values, or the values the college was founded on.  Please remove her as soon as possible.
We need to get Whittier College back on the right track and have a complete change in leadership. This change MUST start at the very top.    The current president must be removed and replaced with competent leadership immediately.
We need to save Whittier College! While touring the campus during Homecoming 2022, it seemed deserted.
We need to turn am the college around before it’s irretrievably damaged. It was a wonderful school and I hope it will be again.
We will once again support our alma mater once Oubre is removed, and replaced with administration that honors Whittier’s past with a positive vision for Whittier College’s future.
What has been going on for the last few years under her administration is very dishonest and the board should be ashamed for allowing it to happen
What is happening to Whittier College is a disgrace! Please help us to stop this by removing her from this position.
When 11 board members don’t participate in the Big Poet Give, including the interim chair, who sent an email about their steadfast support of the college, it is the validation I needed to know my vote of no confidence extends to more than “misinformed” alumni.
When I met with Linda to complain of sexism in my department, by someone she handpicked and hired, she told me “don’t make monsters out to be where there aren’t any.” in reality, she is the monster. I resigned after that encounter because I knew I was dealing with a woman who was functioning from a space of internalized whiteness and misogyny. Patriarchy has no gender.
Whittier Alumni 2011  Palmer Society Member
Whittier College cannot survive too much longer under Linda Oubre’s failed presidency
Whittier College is an amazing school. Please put it back where it should be. Both my late parents, my sister and I graduated from Whittier.
Whittier College is part of California’s rich history. Its traditions of inclusivity, diversity and excellence in education are represented every day in the lives of thousands of graduates, employees and current students who want this institutional gem to continue to shine. Its leadership is dismantling the very fabric of the school. It must change now.
Whittier College needs a president who wants to build an excellent liberal arts program that supports and respects the students, faculty, and staff.   The curriculum should develop well-rounded independent individuals who will be able to work with others to improve their communities.
Whittier deserves much better
Who is Lindas Boss?/ Who gives her marching orders to what appears to be a slow closing of the college and to treat this as strictly a business transaction. Where are the funds from asset sales going?  Have the Quakers lost their pride or are they no longer involved.  One can only hope a new administration is in place soon enough to save the school.
You need to look at the facts. Not what you are told by Linda but the facts. There is no world where Linda is fit for this job. Talk to students, ex-board members, professors and sports coaches.

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